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Three Card Poker is one of the games you will find yourself conducting as a Professional Croupier in any casino in the world.

But how did it originate and who invented it?

Let’s start by saying that it is really recent, born in 1994 thanks to Derek Webb but officially patented in 1997. The goal was to have a Poker table in the casino that would “spin” at the same speed as other tables. Indeed, the game of Classic Poker is slower, more reflective, and games can last for hours, while with Three Card Poker the casino ensures a more frequent turnover of players.

And not only that: the rules of the game are simple so anyone can jump in, the payouts of winnings are substantial enough to attract players, and most importantly, the house advantage is high enough to interest casino owners in buying the game’s patent!

The first casino to introduce this type of game was the Grand Casino Guldfort in Mississipi, from there it expanded throughout America and then came to Europe, where normally the rules (especially in the UK) are stricter than in the US.

Three Card Poker has been so successful that in the UK they have changed some of the game rules in order to be able to put it in casinos! Amazing isn’t it?

Recently there has also been a variant, played only in some casinos around the world, called Prime Three Card Poker, a name derived from a different type of wager from the usual ones, and it consists of being able to make the wager by the color of the player’s cards as well: if all three cards are the same color then it is paid 3 to 1.

And have you ever played three card poker? Now it is time to lead the game!

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