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The regulation of a casino is very complex: both for the customers and both for the staff working within casinos. We are sure, you can imagine why.

Money, gambling, cumpulsive gambling clients. So, if rules are not clear and sometimes restrictive, there could be many problems for both customers and workers.

Today, we’ll see the funniest part of this list bringing out the 5 strangest rules.

It’s normal there are conventional rules, but there are also valid rules only in some place in the world or inside only one casino.

Let’s look together!


  1. In Kentucky, if you lose you can sue the winner and recover your loss. Well, some people don’t accept the defeat in Kentucky, so The Loss Recevery Act has been created: It’s a legal claim against winner that allow you to recover your bet or an amount of 5 dollars lost in an hour.
  2. In Alabama, playing dominos on Sunday, it’s illegal. Not only the famous edition, with plastic cards, but also dominos played with cards, both at home and in casinos. are you looking for an explanation for this? We either, but we don’t get over it.
  3. Ladies, if you are going to play in the casino wearing only lingerie or a bathrobe or even naked, then be aware that it is illegal in Oklahoma.
  4. Are you traveling to Louisiana and want to visit the casino? Then you have to go on a river boat, because by law you can only play on those.
  5. In Canada you cannot play dice. Strictly banned after they discovered some players had loaded dice!

Do you know any others ? Have you chosen your favourite? Tell us about it on social media.

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