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The secret tricks of the croupiers.

“The way people play shows something of their character. The way they lose shows it at all.”
(Harvey B. Mackay)
Imagine you are on the other side of the table. You’ll be dealing with all sorts of people: calm, assertive, quick-tempered, deadpan, cheerful, high-strung, edgy.
Each emotion will probably be linked to something experienced in the casino: for example, one person could be full of energy after a big win, or a good hand, while someone else could get angry easily if they have been losing for a while.
And you, who are the croupier, how should you behave? You certainly cannot rejoice or get nervous with the customers. You must remain unmoved, as serious and professional as possible. Will you make it?
You will have to be a skilled observer, you will learn to read signals that perhaps you had ignored until today. You will become a skilled professional croupier and this will allow you to make a career and earn more and more.
What are the three most important tricks to staying sharp and in control of the table?
1. First know the multiplication tables. That way you won’t waste too much time counting chips or collecting bets.


Making a career in the casino world is absolutely possible, for young people between 19 to 40 years.

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