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The History of casinos: How was roulette born?

How did the casino ROULETTE come about?

Like many other games, the true origins of roulette remain unknown to this day, but let’s try to take a few steps back in time.
The first evidence dates back to Roman times, when soldiers inside encampments, probably bored during guard duties, they decided to turn over a chariot wheel and attack an arrow to spin in the direction of the ground on which numbers were drawn.
Each participant spun the wheel, and depending on the number drawn, a lucky soldier could win coins or any possible bargaining chip.
From that time many legends about roulette tried to tell us its origins, although the most likely one, dates back to France, more specifically to Bordeaux around 1700. From this supposed origin we can therefore explain all those phrases that are used all over the world throughout the game, such as the famous “Le jeux sont faits” and “Rien ne va plus.”
In 1790, once all the changes have been made and precise rules have been established, the roulette came right in the casino games. Of course, there is no longer an arrow on the roulette but many little boxes and the ball that spinns around and will choose the box of the lucky winner, or of the dealer eventually!
In next time episode about casino history, we will tell you how many types of roulette exist!
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