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We’ve talked about the most famous and the biggest casinos, now it’s time to talk about the five smallest casinos in the world!

1 – Slots-A-Fun Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

By far the smallest casino in all of Las Vegas, established in 1979 and famous for offering free fresh popcorn to its customers! For years it has been loved by those who prefer games such as roulette and blackjack. Since 2011 it has begun to fill up with slots and electronic games, with even a bar and a small corner with bowling lanes losing some of its identity but still remaining one of the most visited in Las Vegas for its historicity.

2 – Deltin Caravela Casino – Mandovi River, Goa, India

On the banks of the Mandovi River, the Deltin offers its passengers a luxury casino experience between magnificent scenery and elegant surroundings. 17 gaming tables including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker. Their mission is to make you feel at home and at the same time give you a surreal experience out of your imagination. We’ll have to try it out!

3 – North Cadbury Court – Somerset, England, UK

This is by far the smallest casino in the world! Maximum 30 people, real professional croupiers to conduct the game, is located in the basement of a mansion used for weddings and events. Renting the room lets you decide everything: who plays, what to play, etc. Basically like having a house party with friends and then saying “hey, shall we have a little poker?”

4 – Saloon #10 – Deadwood, South Dakota, USA

Saloon No. 10 is a historic place, telling of Old West fights and clandestine gambling in its basement. Basement that still exists, as well as its mini casino! A few slots, 4 gaming tables and 3,000 square meters of space. A bar stocked with booze from any source and all the flavor of old America!

5 – Wildfire Casino & Lanes – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Despite its small size and bowling lanes, the Wildfire is one of the most popular places for gamblers as well. We flunk this one, being just a concentrate of skittles and slot machines, it may be that we prefer to see gaming tables instead of screens and human contact instead of a cold token!

Which is your favorite of these five smallest casinos in the world?

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