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Table Test: what is it and how to pass it?

Table Tests, what are they and why are they essential to get into casinos around the world?
More importantly, how do they overcome?
Table Tests are actual final exams given to aspiring dealers or to already professional dealers who want to change casinos to assess their preparation. Everything will depend on that, if they are passed then the permanent contract will already be ready to sign.
Passing them obviously requiresexcellent preparation, and the more difficult it is to get into a particular casino, the more difficult the Table Tests will be.
In Gaming Academy we continuously prepare our students to take the Table Tests. What we are most proud of is the 100% positive results, which then allows our students to sign their contracts. But, allow us, an extra bit of pride comes when already professional dealers ask us to give them a hand with Table Tests to get into casinos that have “higher” demands at the professional level.
Then the bar is raised, and we love a challenge.
But let’s take a step back, what happens during a Table Test?
Imagine a real game simulation: dealer – customer. Everything is taken into consideration. And when we say everything, we mean everything: How is the croupier dressed? What does it look like? Do you smile at the customer? Are his movements on the table clean and firm? Do you show signs of insecurity? Is he clumsy or does he make many mistakes?
In short, if life is made up of exams, the Table Test is one we thought we left behind by finishing school!
Cold-bloodedness, optimal preparation and eagerness are the three main characteristics for those who want to take a Table Test. We can certainly help you with the first two, will you put the will in?
At Gaming Academy we train professional dealers ready to work in casinos around the world, on cruise ships and in Online Gaming as Live Dealers.
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