Christmas at the casino: how people celebrate it?

Christmas at the casino: it’s like a movie title, yet another Christmas comedy, and instead one of the favorite activities of fans of the game, or who wants to spend alternative holidays without endless lunches and without relatives.

You’d think that casinos close during the holidays, but no. Instead their glittering decorations, restaurants that offer special menus and shows characterize these days rotating about games and fun.
Any examples of Christmas at the casino?
In South African casinos, the dinner party takes place between 6 and 9 p.m. with live music and courses prepared by great chefs, then of course you wait for midnight playing!
However, In Australia, they prefer Christmas lunch at the casino, or dinner with overnight stay. Moreover, when the casinos also have the hotel, children are welcome so the whole family can enjoy a nice Christmas weekend doing what they love!
The more luxurious casino also give you the option of a room reserved only for you, for an intimate Christmas dinner but always inside the casino!
Of course, Christmas at the casino is also valid for online casinos, with special events organized in those very days when maybe you get bored to always sit at the table with your relatives.
Working at Christmas in a casino also means more generous tips, well-organized shifts and continous work throughout the year, without problems of closures or forced holidays for those who refuse to taking them.
Moreover you’ll have customers who want to have fun and warm welcoming atmospheres!
Not to mention company Christmas celebrations, parties with work colleagues or Christmas dinners!
Can you see champagne’s cascade, sparking dresses and XXL -format decorations yet? Also We can!


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Black Jack: history of a game born by chance

Do you know how many games on average are there in a casino ?

The most famous are five:
. Black Jack
. Texas Hold’Em
. Three Card Poker
. Bank Point
We have already talked about the different types of roulette. Today instead we’ll discover the world of Black Jack.
Black Jack was born as a variant of “baccarat” or “Chemin de Fer” in the 1700s in French casinos by the name of “Vingt-et-Un” that is 21.
Of course it wasn’t like today, Black Jack has been modified over time and several times. At the beginning, the dealer was the only one who could double the bet, extra prizes were provided for certain winning combinations. Above all, you can imagine playing right along for many hands in a row, until a player gets to 21 first and takes the whole jackpot, leaving the other players dry. This is how you played Black Jack.
About 1800s, it was appointed Black Jack in the USA. It was added, to the already existing rules, an extra paid hand: if the first two cards received by a player were the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Spades then “Black Jack” was declared and the lucky person was paid a hand 10 times as much!
Because of the low probability that it could happen, when it happened, the jackpot rose so high.
When Black Jack reached Northern Europe, fans of gambling realized its potential. They studyed and improved Black Jack to make it more appealing and even more convenient! They began to study the chances of winning, combinations, and they put new rules, all this to reduce the chances of winning of the dealer.
Then Roger Baldwin came, he was considered the Einstein of Black Jack, who wrote one of the most famous books in the industry: “beat the dealer.” The book quickly became one of the most read in America, Baldwin, in fact, introduced the famous “trick” of “card counting.”
This brought Black Jack to worldwide fame, however, frightening the casinos who didn’t want to be defeated. Thus Black Jack was further regulated, including the possibility of playing with multiple decks as well as new rules.
When they realized that the techniques explained in the book were not a threat to their finances they restored the game with the rules we know nowadays
“Why are you telling us this story?”
Because we love our job, the smell of the cards, the sound of the chips, and we would like to transmit to our followers our passion of being a Professional Croupier, what makes us so happy.
A passionate person will rise faster, will love what he or she does every day, and will have fun.

Would you like to find out more about the casino world and become a true PROFESSIONAL CROUPIER?


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