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Being a croupier in Las Vegas is one of those things we are used to see in big Hollywood productions. Every day inhabitants and tourists live divided between those who have a normal daily routine of work, school, and home and those who indulge in as many sins as possible, that are allowed at any time, and knowing that “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.”

What are the funniest, strangest things to know before going to Las Vegas?

  1. Every year more than 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas, but who live there? Only 500 thousand people
  2. Of course, half of the world’s largest hotels are located in Las Vegas.
  3. About 320 weddings are celebrated every day! The age to marry starts from16; the second largest city in terms of the number of weddings celebrated each day is Istanbul, Turkey.
  4. Within the casinos you will never find a clock. How many hours does a person spend inside Las Vegas casinos? About 4 hours.
  5. As you know when it rains it pours, the world’s highest payout was the one of the tycoon Murdoch, who won about $25 million in one week, at one of the casinos in the city that never sleeps.
  6. Hotels in Las Vegas are really cheap, do you know why? Casinò companies prefer to invest their money within the gambling halls, which are obviously within the same hotels!
  7. In the 1950s Las Vegas was a destination for many tourists attracted by atomic testing in the nearby Nevada desert. Then the danger of these experiments has been discovered, and the government had to pay more than 10,000 people because of the radiation they had been exposed to.
  8. The Las Vegas Sphinx of Luxor is 101 feet high and is a reproduction of the original “Great Sphinx” at Giza in Egypt, but it is bigger because we are always in Las Vegas!
  9. If you want to admire the city from above, you cannot avoid to go up the world’s largest Ferris Wheel, 170 meters high and its cabins can hold about 40 people at the same time!
  10. Las Vegas has plenty of museums, does it seem strange for a game-loving city? Of course you find among the most unique museums in the world as the Neon Museum, what could you expect from the world’s brightest city?

When we say it is the brightest city in the world, it is just the truth: in fact, it is the only city visible even from space!

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