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Working in Germany casinos, you didn’t think it was possibile!

Kurkhaus, Baden Spielbank, Bad Füssing are some of the casinos you can find spread all over Germany, some are more luxurious, in neoclassical syle, others are modern and bright.

How do you work as a Crouper in Germany? Let’s find out together!

In Germany to find a job as a Croupier, it is possible only with a good training, this is because German casinos are very demanding and high level. In Germany the average salary as a professional croupier is much higher than any other average salary in Europe, obviously without considereng the tips.

As we have already said, tips have a big impact on a casino professional dealer’s monthly earnings, anywhere in the world. So, if an everage salary could attract, you should think about what you could earn by working well and hard.

If you decide to make a career in Germany and then to decide to raise the level year to year, you can get 12% more than your previos salary. As you know, talking about percentage, from the poin of view of work, in Germany you’ll enjoy stay there. The unemployment rate is only 1,2%, and to help you understand the unemployment rate in the South of Italy is about 10,4%, that is 10 times more.

To work in casinos in Germany it’s enought you know English, that’s why in our academy one of the most important classes are English, so you can train from the bases to most technical English to be used at the gaming table.

One of the most important values in Germany is meritocracy, that is also a key point in the casino industry, To make a career, whether you are a man or a woman, it is absolutely normal. If you’ll work with passion and dedication, salary will be really more interesting.

And if I want to travel around Germany in my spare time?
Nothing could be easier, transport and connections are excellent, both within the nation and in neighbouring states. When your day off comes, get ready to explore the surrondings.

Not only culture but also there are mountains, nature, unspoiled woods and streams. Germany’s appearence changes every season, from the snow to the flower fields.

As well to make new friends in Germany it’s easier than you think, due to a multicultural society, not only from Europe. Germany being a huge working centre, young people and adults come from all over the world to work in big companies and in casinos.



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