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Can you immagine how to celebrate Halloween at the casino? Not only as a client but also like a dealer.

In so many casinos around the world, especially in America (where they love any kind of themed party), Halloween becomes an opportunity to make the classic evening of play even more fun!

The customers are in costume, sometimes the dealers as well, with scary make-up. Casinos are decorated in theme, with pumpkins and skeletons in every corner.

Who said that Halloween is only a children’s party?

Halloween was actually born in Ireland, thanks to the Celts who celebrated “New Year’s Eve” on October 31, with a pagan ritual, the beginning of their new year: during those hours of transition into darkness, they wore masks and clothes to scare away the evil.

This party was brought by Irish immigrants to America, it is far more famous there than in Ireland today! Americans introduced the use of pumpkins and trick-or-treat. In fact, about 9 billion dollars is spent in the U.S. on costumes, home decorations and on the purchase of sweets.

In American casinos, of course, Halloween is a great excuse to have a party!

In fact, on these events there are often special jackpots, dedicated slot machines, table games with higher payouts, just to attract people to come to the casino on a celebration day!

The same thing happens at Christmas time, we’have already told you here.

What about you,? Would you celebrate Halloween at the casino?

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