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Donna Croupier? It is not a man’s job

Croupier is not a man’s job.

Are you thinking that we are going crazy, all of a sudden? It is not like that. “Croupier is a man’s job,” how often have we heard this phrase?
However, it isn’t true. It is not (just) a man’s job, but it is perfect for both sexes!

The Professional Croupier woman still causes, in Italy today, some perplexity. Thanks to the movies in which the male figure playing these roles, and also the outdated mind-set, a wrong thought has taken root in many people that the job of the croupier is exclusively for men.
Abroad it is not only normal but in some cases it is really an advantage!
Ladies croupier are more than you can imagine and they are often better than their male colleagues. Many of them, in fact, win the first place in International Challenges held in Bristish casinos, every month.
It is time to say stop about “Croupier is a man’s job.”
Is it not enough? We’ll explain you the other benefit: ladies croupiers often get more tips than men. This is because many players give in to a woman’s charming and warming ways of doing, and they are mentally inclined to tip higher because they feel like gentlemen even entering in competition with each other. The classic primal instinct that, in this case, plays for the women.
Work within casinos are meritocratic and objective, so career opportunities are exactly the same for both sexes, it doesn’t create a gap between job positions.
Only flaw: there are still too few ladies dealer in casinos around the world!
If you have the desire to make a career abroad, learn foreign languages, and especially if you want to do a different job staying in contact with many different cultures and making the gambling your job, then you are in the right place!


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