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Casino history: different types of roulette

How many types of Roulette are there?

After telling you how Roulette was born today we’ll talk about its different types.
. French Roulette
. English Roulette
. American Roulette
Amateur players or on “vacation” players probably won’t notice the difference playing one of these types of Roulette. More experienced players, on the other hand, know every rule, and try to foresee the coming out of certain numbers by studying the odds. The truth is that everything is only in the “hands” of the ball, where it decides to drop into, it will be just luck or bad luck for the player!
Which are the differences among diffent types of Roulette?
French Rouletteis the classic one: there are 3 croupier to deal the game, French roulette has numbers from 0 to 36.
If zero comes out, the bets on the simple chances will be put on standby, as if skipping a spin, and in the next spin, if one of the previously played numbers come out, these chances are released, and then win or lose.
English Roulette is similar to French Roulette but without “stadby” so if the zero comes out the bets on simple chances will be halved.
The layout, on the other hand, is different from the French and American Roulette, the game is maneged by only one croupier.
American Roulette differs from the others by presence of a number more: the double zero (00). Number distribution is totally different from the French roulette, and there are no ads.
As in English roulette, there is no “stadby” rule, but unlike the other two types, here at the coming out of zero the simple chances (red/black, even/odd, manque/passe) will lose.

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