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Being a Croupier in Tirana – Albania

Being a Croupier in Tirana, Albania is absolutely affordable, let’s start that way right away.

Why? Simple. Living in Albania costs very little indeed, and Tirana, the capital and home of our partner casinos, is a quiet, hospitable city with a very large community of Italians to this day who have chosen this very place because of the very low cost of living.

Let’s start right away by understanding what it means to be a croupier in Tirana.

What is it like to live in Tirana?

Despite the fact that we have a distorted idea of Albania, due in part to the large immigrations in the early 1990s, this place is not as backward nor as poor as we imagine it to be; on the contrary, it has experienced great growth, especially in the last 10 to 15 years. The climate is very similar to the Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers, only going a little further in we find lower temperatures but in general we could compare it to our southern Italy.

In addition, many people in Tirana speak Italian, both because of the presence of our compatriots there and because they love our television and also our land, which has been a refuge for them in adverse times. So if it is the language that worries you, you will have no problem in Tirana!

What does it mean to work as a croupier in Tirana?

Let’s talk about numbers, how much does life cost in Tirana? Very little. Any examples? A lunch or dinner out can cost as little as 5 to 10 euros, no more. House rents are around 250/300 euros, practically a third of a shared room in northern Italy and half of a studio apartment rent in the south.

Certainly salaries in Albania are low compared to those in Italy or Europe. And here is the real advantage of being a Croupier in Tirana: the permanent contract is made in Italy, thus with a value THREE TIMES higher than in Albania, plus tips, bonuses, company benefits and much more.

Put simply, with a Croupier salary in Tirana you will make a more than comfortable living.

How can I work in Tirana as a Professional Croupier?

We can tell you about the first-hand experiences of our Croupiers working there today (and also in other facilities around the world).

Here are the steps to follow:

. Apply for upcoming open selections by clicking here

. Once the selections are passed, the job is guaranted, the destination is decided together (where there are open positions at that time), and the training is accessed

. Completing the training course for 9 weeks

. Doing the interview with our partner casinos

. Signing the open-ended contract

. Pack your bags and prepare for a new life!

Can I apply even if I don’t speak English or other foreign languages?

Absolutely, our training also includes English and technical English classes that will allow you to work right away in casinos around the world!

Apply for upcoming selections and be ready to turn your life around and make a career in the world!


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