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Being a Croupier in Switzerland

How does one live in Switzerland working as a Croupier? How many clichés exist about living in Switzerland? We are sure you have read all kinds of them! From earnings to the unfriendly population to the cost of living.

Let’s see together what are the false myths and what instead will make you say “I want to live in Switzerland”!

What is it like to live in Switzerland?

The quality of life in Switzerland is certainly optimal, especially since the services, the hospital sector and everything related to the person works very well. The Swiss are very law-abiding, and it is first and foremost the citizens who abide by the rules and want them to be obeyed. Perhaps for us Italians it might all seem a bit “stiff,” but when that means the lowest unemployment rate in the whole world, services that work perfectly and feeling safe, then we are sure the game is worth the candle.

How much does a croupier make?

The income of a Croupier is about 3800 francs gross per month, excluding tips which are then a very important part of a Croupier’s “end of the month.” Are you wondering how much it amounts to in euros? Approximately 3500 euros, not a small amount if we think that to this we have to add customer tips, which, in Swiss casinos, are quite high.

Is making a career in Switzerland possible?

As in all casinos in Europe and around the world, careers within casinos are entirely possible. However, entering casinos in Switzerland is not as easy as in other places. Table Tests are tough and the demands very limited. This makes us even more proud when some of our trainees are hired by our partners in Switzerland!

How can I work in Switzerland as a Professional Croupier?

We can tell you about the first-hand experiences of our Croupiers working there today (and also in other facilities around the world).

Here are the steps to follow:

. Apply for upcoming open selections by clicking here

. Pass the selections and enter the training course

. Attend the training course for 9 weeks

. Have the interview with partners to find out what the final destination will be, which could be Switzerland or another place.

. Signing the permanent contract on the same day as the interviews

. Pack your bags and prepare for a new life!

Can I apply even if I don’t speak English or other foreign languages?

Absolutely, our training also includes English and technical English classes that will allow you to work right away in casinos around the world!

Apply for upcoming selections and be ready to turn your life around and make a career in the world!

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