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Being a Croupier in Prague

How does one live in Prague working as a Croupier? Considered the Paris of the Czech Republic, a romantic city full of history but also full of fun and rivers of cheap beer, Prague is truly wonderful as a place to live and work!

Let’s see together what will make you say “I want to live in Prague”!

What is it like to live in Prague?

The quality of life in Prague is very good, services work very well, the city is small and everything is very well connected. Very little crime and low rent and food costs are the icing on the cake for those who choose to move here. The city is always controlled by police who patrol all the streets. To some this may seem strange, but actually it contributes to the unfolding of a peaceful life.

In addition, there is a lot of greenery in Prague, and between immense parks, equipped areas and nooks and crannies where you can organize barbecues with friends, you will certainly not miss the sea!

What does it mean to work as a croupier in Prague?

Finding a job in Prague is not easy, in fact we would say that if you do not speak Czech it is almost impossible. And Czech is a really difficult language. But Prague is full of tourists, so getting our guys hired by casinos is one of the advantages we can assure you: thanks to the preparation in English, the Italian language (which Czechs don’t know) and the impeccable preparation our Academy gives to its students, hiring is 100% guaranteed!

How can I work in Prague as a Professional Croupier?

We can tell you about the first-hand experiences of our Croupiers working there today (and also in other facilities around the world).

Here are the steps to follow:

. Apply for upcoming open selections by clicking here

. Pass the selections and start the training course

. Attend the training course for 9 weeks

. Have the interview with the partners to find out what the final destination will be, which could be Prague or another place (which in any case you will already know at the first meeting).

. Signing the permanent contract on the same day as the interviews

. Pack your bags and prepare for a new life!

Can I apply even if I don’t speak English or other foreign languages?

Absolutely, our training also includes English and technical English classes that will allow you to work right away in casinos around the world!

Apply for upcoming selections and be ready to turn your life around and make a career in the world!

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