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Admiral casino in Gibraltar: how to work?

Being a Croupier at the Admiral Casino in Gibraltar? We tell you how to do it.
In this article we have seen how to live in Gibraltar, now instead we delve into the topic of work and especially the world of Admiral Casino. First and foremost, “let’s get the numbers!”
Five locations throughout Europe including 2 in Gibraltar, with two casino rooms, more than 500 slot machines and +750 thousand visitors per year.
The Admiral Casino in Gibraltar is a real gem and a great place to work and make a career as a professional croupier. Just think that within it we also find a steak house and the largest Sports Cafe in all of Southern Europe.
Isn’t that enough? Know then that the Admiral chain also has the first Casino on a Super Yacht, the Sunborn, docked in Gibraltar with 15 Jackpot Machines, several gaming tables and private rooms with 3D art exhibits.
Why we chose Admiral Casino as our partner is not hard to imagine. The quality is excellent and the staff required must be knowledgeable and willing to move up the ladder, and who but we at Gaming Academy could accommodate the search requests for such highly qualified staff?
In these cases, training is crucial, and we know this very well, which is why our teachers prepare the children from the very beginning. Once you pass the selections and decide on your final destination you are specially trained to then take the table tests and interview with signing of the permanent contract.
Some of our boys are already there but next month’s selections are about to open .
At Gaming Academy we train professional dealers ready to work in casinos around the world, on cruise ships and in Online Gaming as Live Dealers.
Do you want to participate in selections and apply to work in casinos around the world, on land, online and on cruise ships?
Contact us now and find out about open positions.

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