Gaming Academy was established with the very specific purpose of preparing highly qualified personnel to be placed in the best Casinos, Cruise Lines and Online Casinos

We prepare all our trainees, carefully guiding them throughout their training, up to the job interview and employment at partner casinos.


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Marco Spinnato

CEO & Founder
My name is Marco Spinnato, after embarking on studies in tourism education and foreign languages, passionate about extreme sports, I had the opportunity to travel the world and become passionate about gambling. I worked 4 years for the reservation center of a large airline company and later, at only 22 years old, I joined the world of legal gaming in Italy, working for a large Sicilian bingo hall, Bingo Las Vegas, which in 2004 was the largest hall in Italy, learning and covering all the tasks, becoming in only 2 years the youngest general manager of gaming halls in Italy. After 10 years of management at Bingo Las Vegas and having reached national summits for productivity, I decided to venture into a new challenge, accepting the proposal of a fledgling group, Bingo.it s.r.l., directing in 2013 a new gaming hall, the "Bingo Snai" and in 2014 organizing the start-up of the slot hall of the same group the "Taj Mahal," bringing the company to the top of the Sicilian legal gaming scene. In 2017 I decide to use my experience for this big international project, starting its preparation and creating in 2019 the "Gaming Academy Italy"


Maurizio Coico

COO & Founder
My name is Maurizio Coico, and I am passionate about fitness with extensive experience as a personal trainer. I have over 15 years of managerial experience, gained in the field of legal gaming in Italy, I also held, together with Marco Spinnato the role of General Manager of the bingo hall "Las Vegas" in Palermo achieving excellent results. Subsequently, thanks to my experience in the sector and the results achieved, I received several job offers from operators in the legal gaming sector and decided to move to northern Italy, becoming Manager of two other gaming halls, the Bingo "Washington" in Milan and the Bingo "Millionaire" in Moncalieri in Turin, a hall that would become the largest in Europe, increasing my knowledge in the gaming sector achieving excellent results here as well. In 2018 I decide to make my experience and my desire for innovation available, deciding to join the creation of this great project, founding together with Marco, the "Gaming Academy Italia"


Andrea Salerno

General Manager
My career as a croupier began in 2011 at the Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff, Wales. Moving abroad was not easy, but it turned out to be the best choice I could make because it brought me personal growth and professional fulfillment. After one year, I felt it was time for a change of scenery and to embark on a path of professional growth. So it was that I considered boarding cruise ships, because the best aspect of this job is just the ability to move around without too much difficulty. So in 2012, I started my adventure aboard MSC and it was my big chance to travel the world. In the ship, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on different aspects of the casino, also holding the roles of cashier and slot machine technician so that I had a 360-degree background. The satisfactions were not long in coming such that I was promoted to supervisor after just 3 embarkations. In late 2016, the desire to pass on my passion to willing young people made me return to Sicily as a teacher dedicated to training new aspiring dealers and poker dealers. In 2018 I met Marco and Maurizio who told me about Gaming Academy Italia and I decided to put all my experience at the disposal of this great project by joining their team.


Fabio Salerno

Head of Training
My name is Fabio Salerno, and my career began in London at the largest casino in Europe - Aspers Casino Stratford - which boasts more than 60 gaming tables. The continuing desire to "raise the bar," however, leads me to abandon this path and aspire to more exclusive stages, and so it is with perseverance that I land at one of the most elite Grosvenors in the entire London County, as well as the Victoria Grosvenor Casino. In this climate, I am fostered in personal and especially professional growth and I also hone my dealer skills by serving in the role of Dealer/Inspector. But, you know, the unexpected is always better than expected! So a few years later, Gaming Academy called me to join the team in their Palermo office. I return to my Land and discover a second family. Sure, a family made up of people coming and going, but undoubtedly united. All with the same common denominator: transferring the knowledge of years of experience to young people with a desire to take charge of their lives.

Giuliana Piazzese

Content Creator & Social Media Manager
Content creator, social media strategist, marketer. Founder and blogger of Stumbling.com. and Instagram profile @Stumbling - since 2010 for passion and for work since 2014. I teach communication and personal branding for several professional schools in Palermo and online and work as a freelancer in social media marketing and communication. I love sharing experiences, emotions and the places I visit, and my passion for storytelling has led me to create several tourism promotion projects with Inciampando that have also received free sponsorship from the Sicilian Region on several occasions. Despite touring on the road, backpacking and in between flights, I always find energy and creativity for my work, which I love very much.

Chiara and Raf

Chief Marketing Officer
Chiara and Raffaele since 2019 engaged as Digital Marketers supporting Italian small and medium-sized enterprises. Raphael Social Media and Analyst with more than 5 years of experience, Chiara creative copywriter and brand manager, has internationally profiled brands in her portfolio. Both share the dream of increasing the performance of realities like Gaming Academy: Italian companies capable of bringing value and jobs to our territory.

Valerio Lopes

Video Maker
My name is Valerio Lopes and I am a Video Maker. My goal is to narrate people's passions through images, whether they are Videos, Photos or Graphics it matters little... Recently joined the Gaming Academy team, fascinated by the world of casinos, I never get tired of filming the guys teaching the tricks of the croupier world.


Talent Acquisition Specialist
Degree in linguistic sciences, expert in language mediation from Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. After a long experience in the language field, he became passionate about the world of Human Resources. Today in Gaming Academy handles the entire candidate selection process, leveraging the expertise gained in the industry.
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